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Imaj Textile has aimed at providing the highest quality childrenswear in a modern and strong design, since its establishment in 1990. Utilizing its experience and strengths, the company decided to come up with its own brand, STUDIOKIDS, in 1999. Today, Studiokids is one of the leaders of the domestic market in high-fashion children's clothing.
In year 2000, Imaj Textile decided to open up to international markets, and signed a world wide licence agreement with Disney Co., for the newborn to 12 years old group. Studiokids has a registered trademark, Ille'O, for the girls and boys between ages 8 and 16.
Our 1000 sqm head office is located in Istanbul and is completed with a functional production, ware house and logistics area of 1500 sqm. Our production capacity is approximately 50.000 pieces per month.
The company employs a total of 70 highly trained and skilled staff, in various departments, emphasizing mostly on design, marketing and brand management.
We have a dynamic, dedicated and experienced sales team to cater the requests and requirements of our customers.
Studiokids design team creates more than 200 piece collections seasonally. Our strength in design is approved and appreciated by Disney, too. Disney has been dislaying Studiokids designs throughout Europe as a sample to all other licencees. Due to our dedication to what are doing, Disney has granted Imaj Textile a special permission to sell Disney childrenswear products in Studiokids stores in Turkey and Europe.
Currently, Studiokids products are being sold in 260 sales points, the majority of which are department stores and childrens boutiques, besides the 11 Studiokids shops. Our exports go to 8 countries.
Our motto is "The children of today are the adults of the future" and we do our best to provide them with the highest quality and standards they deserve, for a better world.

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