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- Organic cotton is the unrefined cotton that is producd without the use of synthetic insecticide, chemicals that harm the plants and fertilizers.

- No toxic chemicals are used during production and/or usage of organic cotton.Methods and materials that are used during entire  production process do not harm the environment.

- Organic cotton is a fresh, decent and strong alternative for classic cotton.


Organic product don't jeopardise human health since no chemical material is used or added during the cultivation of the product.

On the other hand textile goods that are manifactured by classic methods have the possibility of harming both environment and human healt during production, usage and/or destruction processes of the mentioned goods.

Consumers hesitate to purchase the product, they feel the need to inspect and investigate the origin of the product. Organic cotton is more expensive than classic cotton since the criterion applied during production is more difficult and process needs detailed attention. Producing and choosing organic food selely is not the solution for keeping our future safe, it has to be reinforced with manifacturing textile goods that do not involve any toxic or chemical materials.

*Clean Environment           *Healthy babies and children         *Safe future

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